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Our Mission

Our mission for over 55 years is to continue to provide
several business solutions to building owners / managers.

Since its founding, the company has expanded its range of products and services to provide a solution to customers problems.

Whether it's a service, product or equipment, Groupe Fortin has the same desire: to satisfy its customers,  to give them more for their dollars, while disengaging their concerns.

You can choose its entire range, which is exclusive, or only one service or specific products.
We are able to offer the solution.

Groupe Fortin intends to fully ensure its six components of its mission.


Offer a personalized service and tailored solutions.


Innovate by assiduous research. Exercise the role of leader in R & D,
in human resources mangement, use of products and equipments with efficient work method. 


Help organizations to reach their objectives; to become better.


Earn the confidence and fidelity of our clientele.


Retain the care of quality and a job well done. 


Devote to our customers our commitment to complete satisfaction.