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Our Strength: Engineering Products

For over 30 years, FORKEM R&D has manufactured a complete line of cleaning products that is advanced, efficient, innovative and responsive to the needs of your organization. The products are developed and manufactured in Quebec. They also follow a rigorous scientific process and comply with the latest environmental demands.

Forkem R & D specializes in the research and development of customized solutions in the field of industrial cleaning products all the while being environmentally friendly. We differentiate ourselves by our ability to innovate, adapt, our expertise and professionalism.

Our team of professionals develop effective solutions that promote the protection of the environment. This expertise has enabled us to design more than sixty ,exclusive products, designed entirely in Quebec; including our green products BIO-F.

FORKEM R&D also distinguishes itself by its formulation service. A service that tailors to the specific needs of clients. We assess the situation on the ground, carry many laboratory tests and are constantly adapting our products to new realities.

Part of our mission: to innovate by assiduous research.