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Our Clientele

For over 55 years, your satisfaction has been and is our priority. We develop with you long term partnership based on success and on tomorrows needs. Thanks to our vast line of services and products offered by FOR-NET and its sister companies from the Groupe Fortin, we met expectations in all our field of activities across Québec.











  • Office Buildings
  • Shopping Malls
  • Large surface Stores
  • Pharmaceutical Complex
  • Plants
  • Mills
  • Workshops
  • Colleges, schools, Universities
  • Health Centers
  • Long-term disability Centers

Some companies and institutions have accompanied us for more than de 55 years. Partners in our success and our commitment witnesses, they will not hesitate to refer our services to other companies, which in turn shows their trust in us.

Part of our mission is to earn the trust and loyalty of our customers